At last! After years of experience, field work, and portfolio build up, we founded SPL- Sound Pressure Level, in 1993 in Lebanon. After a long history and experience in the Touring and Installation market, SPL-Sound Pressure Level, is now getting older and wiser by the years…

As the name insinuates, SPL-Sound Pressure Level, is an audio company, for installation and rental.

We, at SPL-Sound Pressure Level, are motivated managers and team to install, rent and train all our customers/friends, in the most professional way to reach perfection of sound quality output and emission.

We have the best brands for which we are either: agents/ distributors/ dealers/ Middle East dealers, etc..

Till 2007 we represent: Alcons Audio in the Middle East. Outline in Lebanon, Qatar and UAE. Apart Audio in Lebanon. Beglec in Lebanon. J&R Electric co. in Lebanon. Link Cable in Lebanon. Waves systems in Lebanon. Everything But the Box In Lebanon. Newtec in Lebanon. And the list is getting bigger.

If you need to know and hear about our credibility and experience history, please visit our section Portfolio.

Under it you will see the list of Places we have installed and the list of contact names with their phone numbers along each reference. We are sure you are acquainted to one or more of these awesome places owners, so you can contact them and ask about all the details you wish to know or discuss.

For a quick reference, we offer: a turnkey solution! A direct contact with manufacturer! A 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service!

We provide the client with the study, evaluation, the presale advises and verifications, the sale, the confirmation of adequacy of the sale, the mounting and equipment installation, the testing, the tuning and fine tuning, the calibration, the after sale presence, the maintenance, and repair in case needed.

These services are within all possible professional and experienced knowledge and application, for clients who are conscious and in search of quality. We offer technical and friendly support.

Our market Keys are:

Royal KNIGHTS SARL: a subdivision of SPL - Sound Pressure level, a rental company and takes care of :

  1. Live concerts,
  2. Weddings,
  3. Private shows,
  4. and all rental solutions

SPL - Sound Pressure Level: is the installation and sales company and takes care of :

  1. Theatres,
  2. Cinemas,
  3. Hotels,
  4. Ballrooms,
  5. conference areas,
  6. bars,
  7. clubs,
  1. nightclubs,
  2. restaurants,
  3. supermarkets,
  4. shops,
  5. shopping malls,
  6. health clubs,
  7. Churches,
  8. etc…
SPL - Sound Pressure Level, is always proud to perform better, to keep you listening for a lifetime!

Elie Louaizi
Sound Engineer-CEO